SingSOS in the News

"Smartly cathartic. … (These) tracks challenge the listener, but they're generally framed in breezy melodies stretching from Beatlesque folk-pop to moving, Rosanne Cash-like ballads to buoyant Everly Brothers influences."
Boston Globe

It's rare for a benefit album to actually engage you musically, but Sing SOS – Songs of the Spectrum is one of those rare albums…So besides being a benefit disc, this is also something of a concept album. However, this approach worked out wonderfully. The trio has penned a lyrically cohesive yet musical diverse set of songs…Sing SOS is not just a terrific benefit album, it's a pretty terrific album overall.
No Depression

The album features O'Neil's lyrics set to music by family friends Deena Shoshkes and Jon Fried (husband-and-wife indie-pop duo The Cucumbers) and recorded by artists such as Jackson Browne, Teddy Geiger and Dar Williams, some of whom will perform at the release concert in New York on April 7. 
USA Today

Moving songs from well-known musicians like Jackson Browne and Marshall Crenshaw are geared toward helping families living with autism and toward spreading the word about the importance of early detection and intervention. 
Parent & Child Magazine

Dealing with autism can be an emotional roller coaster, as many parents and siblings of autistic children know. But the problem can create challenges that can bring joy and pride and hope. One father put all that emotion into poetry, and now it's music.

A rare example of a benefit album whose content is focused squarely on the cause.
New Jersey Star-Ledger/

The disc is no ordinary compilation… beautifully done. Hats off to the easygoing production of Michael Visceglia in conjunction with Rob Friedman.
The Aquarian

This remarkable collection … brings new light to the elusive, oblique, confounding, heartbreaking and even wondrous world of autism.
Iowa Press-Citizen

Maverick Magazine (UK)

Songs of the Spectrum is a great release for an even better cause. This compilation is not only great for fans of singer songwriters, but also has a message which would help kids learn about Autism through music….playful…lovely….
Innocent Words

The delightful thing about this record is that not only does it bring needed attention to a very important and moving health crisis that affects a great number of our families, but it's also a great listen. These are catchy songs, played well by talented players. Sad of course in dealing with the disappointments, but it's joyful and positive too, as we try to "get these kids some help."
UCC News

…not only did these artists record these songs, they made them their own. They breathe life into them in such a way that each song removed from the context of the purpose of the album, became a great song on its own…This is a wonderfully amazing album of musical excellence that delivers a strong and powerful message.

Pulls at your heartstrings…
Milwaukee Public Radio

"There is so much more to this collection than the amazing artists involved. It's the deep meaning of the lyrics sung by those artists that gives insight into autism. A great album for an important cause."

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